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top 2 images by: Bae Se-hwa
from his furniture series titled: steam

bottom 2 images by: Matthias Pliessnig
from his series titled: spill


jaureguia tower ~ apezteguia architects


Levi van Veluw - Family/ Origin of the Beginning

made by 20,000 dark brown wooden blocks


Norwegian Vennesla Library (a library, cafe and meeting space)


Wood Sculpture | Morgan Herrin

Are you freaking kidding me!? Anyone who has worked with wood knows how difficult of a medium it is to work with, let alone carve… This Richmond, VA based artist Morgan Herrin transforms wood into spectacularly detailed figurative sculptures. The sculptures sometimes take a year to create, and depict some surreal imagery.


stöckli in balsthal ~ pascal flammer architekten


Trees Burst Through Gallery Walls and Ceilings

Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira’s powerful recycled wood art installations snake through their exhibition spaces like massive living trees that burst out of walls and through ceilings. Oliveira scours the streets of Sao Paulo to gather plywood, which he then separates into layers and combines to create his massive “tridimensionals” sculptures. The stunning mixed media pieces are a combination of sculpture, painting and architecture.

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